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How To Make Electronic Music With Cubase

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From a Steinberg Certified Trainer, You’ll Learn How To
  •  Create a Complete House
  •  Configure the Audio Card
  •  Build the Drum Parts
  •  How to Use Automation
  •  Record and Correct Audio
  •  Equalization and Effects
  • Mixing Tip and Tricks
  • MIDI and Virtual Instrument
  • Export Your Songs
  • Free Samples Pack Included
  • Certificate of Completion


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Steinberg Certified Trainer – 989 Record A&R – DJ and Producer

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Max Porcelli is a Steinberg Certified Trainer, DJ, Producer and Remixer with a degree in Multimedia and Technological Sciences. Since 2007 he’s been running the Educational Division of 989Records, an independent electronic record label producing a variety of electronic music genres and working with many artists from around the globe. The aim of the division is to develop electronic music culture and all its related technologies.

989Records head honcho, he started his musical career in 1989 and is currently one of the most active and chameleonic producers of the Italian electronic scene, with almost 70 singles, EP, albums and remixes already produced and published. Over the years, he has worked with Pacha Recordings Ibiza and several important Italian labels such Rise Records, Absolutely, Airplane, Molto Rec, remixing artists like Inaya Day, Angie Brown (Incognito), Jocelyn Brown, Cheryl Porter, Oliver Cheatham (Room 5) and many others.

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max porcelli on udemy

student’s Reviews

Diego Sevilla

Max you’re awesome!! I think this course is the best way to start using Cubase like a pro and really take advantage of the functionalities that it has all together. The videos go straight to the point and shows exactly what to do and how to do it. I learned a lot in your course!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!

Diego Sevilla

Wim Mulders

De automatisch gegenereerde ondertiteling is ronduit slecht. Jargon wordt verneukt. De training op zich is precies wat ik zocht. Inhoudelijk en tempo goed. De Italiaan spreekt behoorlijk Engels maar soms klinkt het alsof ik naar een aflevering van Alo Alo zit te luisteen en dan mist de juiste ondertiteling.
Voor de rest moet ik niet zeuren

Bader Halawani

I really enjoyed this course as it teaches me all what I need to know about Cubase editing. Instructor is amazing and so clear as we expect from german experts. the material is very good but with some functions not covered. thank you and hope we got advanced course.
Was this review helpful?

Iwona Żydek

This was absolutely an amazing course! I learned exactly what I needed. The lector teaches everything from scratch, step by step going into deep details. It was presented in a very understandable way which allowed me to follow and practise the instructions. Great zoom-ins helped to see every detail.
Max, you did a great job and I am very grateful to YOU!
I wish you could extend the course or produce a new course where you could explain the topic of creating music scores (both directions: from audio into scores and the other way round). Much appreciated once again!

Iwona Żydek

Tiago Mendes

This is a great start to anyone wanting to learn the basics on music production with Cubase! altho, this is mainly for pro users, I only have the le but with a bit of research I was able to do almost all of it in a different way except the Free Wrap Mode. not to worry as I will update to pro soon enough! Thank You for your time and knowledge!

Tiago Mendes

惠美 福永

Very good course! This video is easy to understand. The way the teacher talk is clear.
I’m using Cubase Elements, but I still learn a lots from this course.
Since it has so many useful information about Cubase, I’m going to watch it a couple of times so that I can remember everything.

惠美 福永

Jamesson Stiven Jean Simon

I loved this course… It was so awesome and very comprehensive in short term, so i was not comfusing at all and i understood well. The teacher was good, and had experiences in what he is doing. However you did not talk about how to master music. I would love that you make a course about how master a song after finishing the sequence process on cubase. Thak you

Jamesson Stiven Jean Simon

Richard C

Above and beyond the call. Not only does the instructor show the features of Cubase and how to use them, he also provides a wealth of knowledge about the foundations for creating digital music. With this information, I am confident that reading the manual will provide the details for the application that will be more understandable now that the context was shown.

Richard C

Making Electronic Music With Cubase

Learn How To Make Electronic Music


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