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Excellent course, full of carefully prepared and clearly explained demonstrations, has really helped me understand the logic of the interface and has given me a much more complete grasp of the software's features. At the same time, the instructor has made the course fun by building it around the development of a house music project. I really enjoyed it!

As an ageing musician that's been around for more than thirty years, I sometimes find that the music I play to be quite irrelevant to modern ears, Thanks to this video course I now have the tools to develop a backing track that is dance worthy, and that I can perform to, with my Sax. Let's have more of this kind of Cubase based lessons
This is an extraordinary course.
Max Porcelli is an excellent teacher and he really cares about his students.
The course content and presentations are first class - with clear voice and audio, helpful screen zooming and labeling, and regular reminders about important tips.
THANKS Max! I would give this course "100 out of 5" if I could.
Le cours est tres bien enseigne, les sections permettent de garder le fil et apprendre a un rythme tres confortable. Bonne explications et accessible. Merci !
Thank you maestro.
— Myriam Demers
I love how everything is going on this course. Nice experience, love that way how you creating the song through the course. Only if you can create full song in some another course

— Miljan Cicic 
love it , always wanted become a Dj and this course help alot was very fun to learn

— Shaylene Basson

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Max Porcelli

You'll learn from Max Porcellia Steinberg Certified Trainer, DJ,and Producer with 29 years of experience. He owns 989 Records, an Electronic Music Label based in Italy. Every Sunday he hosts an exciting Radio Show called 989 Records Radio Show on air Every Saturday on Patchouli Deep Radio, London. 

With more than 12.564 Students, in just a few hours of fun video lessons, you'll learn everything Max spent in the last years perfecting and tuning into a Unique Learning Certified Process for Understanding How to Produce Electronic Music with Cubase. The Course will provide you with the Skills and Knowledge you need to Master the Art of Electronic Music Production in just a few hours.

Don't miss out on this Amazing Opportunity - buy now and get started on your journey to becoming the Next Great Electronic Music Producer!
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It is a great opportunity to learn from those who have the Same Goals and Interests and to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field. Get Knowledge and Insight that can help you to reach your goals.
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At the end of each course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.
This certificate will serve as recognition of your successful completion of the course and provide evidence of your achievement.
The certificate may also be used to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers or educational institutions.
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This added Benefit of the Steinberg Certified Training would allow you to Get the Most out of this Course to Grow and Develop your Skills.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose HTMEM to Start Learning How to Produce Electronic Music?

Thrilled you Asked! Here at HTMEM Academy, we offer an extraordinary journey into the world of electronic music production. Let's explore why we are your go-to destination:

1️⃣ Mastering the Craft: Wondering How to Make electronic Music? We've got you covered! Our curriculum is carefully designed to teach you all the nitty-gritty details of electronic music production, from basic concepts to advanced techniques.

2️⃣ Active Learning: We believe in 'learning by doing.' Our courses provide hands-on experience, ensuring that you're not just "learning how to produce music," but actively applying what you learn. Our approach brings theory to life and helps cement your new skills.

3️⃣ Personalized Guidance: We understand everyone's learning journey is unique. That's why our Steinberg Certified Instructor is committed to guiding you on "how to learn prod," tailored to your pace and style. You'll receive personalized feedback and tips to help refine your craft.

4️⃣ Community Support: When you join HTMEM Academy, you're not just enrolling in a course; you're joining a vibrant community of passionate music producers. You'll get the chance to collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow together.

5️⃣ Success Stories: Don't take our word for it! Check out our testimonials from students who have embarked on their journey of "learning how to produce music" with us and achieved great success. Their stories stand as proof of our commitment and quality.

So, are you ready to turn the question "how to make electronic music" into a statement "I know how to make electronic music"? Join HTMEM Academy today and start your thrilling journey of discovery and creativity! #HTMEMAcademy #LearnHowToProduceMusic #MakeElectronicMusic

Who are these Courses For?

These courses are designed for Aspiring Producers, Music Enthusiasts, DJs or Musicians, Podcasters, Video Producers, and Electronic Music Lovers.
If you are at an Intermediate Level, we have courses tailored to help you develop your knowledge and skills further.

How Do These Courses Work?

Everything is available On-Demand.
You can take the course Whenever and Wherever you want. 

Are these Course Suitable for Beginners?

At HTMEM, we offer a range of courses to meet the needs of all levels of students.
Whether you’re just starting out and need to learn the basics or you’re looking for a more advanced course to hone your skills, we have something for everyone.
Our beginner courses are designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of the subject you’re studying, while our intermediate courses are tailored to help you develop your knowledge and skills further.
With a wide range of topics available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect course to suit your needs.

Can I Get some Free Audio Samples?

Yep, surf over our Free Stuff page and download our 350 Free Audio Samples One-Shot Library you can your in your productions. OR, if you prefer, download our free eBook Acoustic, Analog and Digital Signals Explained.

What Kind of Support will I Receive During this Course?

You will be provided with tailored support throughout your course.
You can reach out through the exclusive course community to address any issues you may have, and you will receive a prompt response.
The instructor is highly experienced in music-making and has a strong understanding of the music industry.
You will be provided with invaluable advice and guidance.

Is it Possible to Try a Course Before Purchasing It?

If you would like to gain an insight into the online learning experience we are offering, please sign up for free here and you will be able to access all the Free Content of a specific Course from the Course Curriculum Section.

Will I Get a Certificate?.

Yep, at the end of the course, you will get a certificate of completion.

Is there any Academic Entry Requirement?

This course is not academically-oriented, rather it is geared towards those who want to gain practical skills in order to reach a professional standard. Therefore, no academic requirements are needed.

Is there any Equipment I Need?

  • A Computer with an Audio Card
  • A Couple of Headphones or Studio Monitors
  • A Microphone is recommended
  • A MIDI Keyboard is recommended
  • All Cubase Courses Require a Cubase PRO License - you can use the free 60-Days Trial
  • Traktor DJ Course Require a Traktor License - you can use the free 30-Minutes Trial
  • For all the Rest of the Available Courses, you can use your Preferred DAW as well

What about if I have Other Questions?

If you have any additional inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out via our contact page.
Will be glad to assist you.

What is a Bundle?

A Bundle is a valuable package that includes multiple courses, providing a comprehensive learning experience with substantial cost savings.

What's the Best Way to Learn how to Produce Music and Mix Tracks, Especially for Beginners?

The world of music production is thrilling and full of possibilities! Here's a rundown of the most effective ways to immerse yourself in this creative journey:

Identify your knowledge gaps: The first step is to understand where you need to grow. This could be anything from mastering music theory, understanding the basics of mixing and mastering. It's all about knowing what you don't know yet.

Tutorial Binge: Tutorials are a fantastic resource for beginners. There are many free and paid tutorials available online that cover all aspects of music production. Even better if you choose a structured course. Here at HTMEM, our structured courses offer an exceptional learning experience. With the guidance of experts, you can master new skills efficiently, saving both time and money. Say goodbye to headaches and embrace a seamless learning journey with us. Get practical insights and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Collaborate: Team up with other producers and songwriters. Collaboration offers valuable insights, can accelerate your learning process, and might even lead to some exciting musical partnerships. By the way, our community offers an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and receive valuable feedback and assistance. Join the HTMEM community completely free of charge Right Here.

Enroll in Online Courses: Online courses are a fantastic way to learn music production. Like all the courses here at HTMEM, they offer structured learning paths, expert guidance, and the convenience of learning at your own pace and comfort. Isn't it great?

Experiment: Music production is a field that rewards creativity and experimentation. Don't be afraid to try new things, make mistakes, and develop your unique sound #5.

Remember, every great music producer started somewhere. With passion, persistence, and the right resources, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of music production. So, are you ready to start your musical journey? 🎵 Let's turn those dreams into reality!

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