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Excellent course, full of carefully prepared and clearly explained demonstrations, has really helped me understand the logic of the interface and has given me a much more complete grasp of the software's features. At the same time, the instructor has made the course fun by building it around the development of a house music project. I really enjoyed it!

As an ageing musician that's been around for more than thirty years, I sometimes find that the music I play to be quite irrelevant to modern ears, Thanks to this video course I now have the tools to develop a backing track that is dance worthy, and that I can perform to, with my Sax. Let's have more of this kind of Cubase based lessons
This is an extraordinary course.
Max Porcelli is an excellent teacher and he really cares about his students.
The course content and presentations are first class - with clear voice and audio, helpful screen zooming and labeling, and regular reminders about important tips.
THANKS Max! I would give this course "100 out of 5" if I could.
Hi Max, First Cubase course ... I should have done that earlier. The course is very interesting and if we take the time to replicate exercices than it becomes a very valuable learning process. 100% satisfied.
Thank you maestro.
Above and beyond the call. Not only does the instructor show the features of Cubase and how to use them, he also provides a wealth of knowledge about the foundations for creating digital music. With this information, I am confident that reading the manual will provide the details for the application that will be more understandable now that the context was shown.
Very clear and understandable step-by-step explanations, also highlighting the problems what can occur and how to solve them. Great course so far :D
Le cours est tres bien enseigne, les sections permettent de garder le fil et apprendre a un rythme tres confortable. Bonne explications et accessible. 

I love how everything is going on this course. Nice experience, love that way how you creating the song through the course. Only if you can create full song in some another course
love it , always wanted become a Dj and this course help alot was very fun to learn

The course is great...well put together. The instructor explains all of the functions and features.
I had a great time watching this course, and feel that I gained all the essentials I need to know to feel comfortable with the Cubase UI and to start making music on my own. I would highly recommend this course as the content is very well organized, easy-to-find, and well-explained.

I've taken several courses on Cubase fundamentals, and I have to say this course is the best one. Max opens up many facets of the DAW that other don't even touch. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to use Cubase.

Yes it is a good match for me, The steps are good, slow and simple to follow. The main screen is nice too, with the sections and steps on the right, and the course progress at the top right. I'm happy for sure I found this course.

Je connais déjà Cubase mais j'ai senti que j'avais besoin de revoir la plupart des fonctions dans le détail pour m'assurer de ne rien avoir oublié. Cette formation répond donc à mon besoin. Je comprends l'anglais et la voix du présentateur est très claire. C'est parfait pour mon usage, merci !

A very good course to learn when you´re a newbie like me


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